We make design that works

We develop sites and identity, write clear texts and create bold naming for businesses. Our solutions help brands to spotlight their products on the market and attract new customers.

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How We Work

  1. Analytics

    Market research helps to define tasks, calculate costs and terms of development. At this stage, we study the business and client’s needs, analyze the market, and prepare the terms of reference. Usually it takes one or two weeks depending on the type of work.

  2. Hypothesis

    To imagine how the new product will look next to the competitors, we formulate the main idea for the future logo or site. We select references, tools and solutions that meet the goals and needs of our client.

  3. Prototype

    We write texts, set up grids, create the structure of the site and think through user scenarios. The prototype helps us to test the hypothesis before development, and saves money on additional changes at the design stage.

  4. Design

    We develop a site layout based on the prototype, add graphics and illustrations, edit texts, arrange the content on the grid. To make the site convenient to use on any device, we design both desktop and mobile versions.

  5. Development

    On the basis of the layout we prepare a library of components, assemble mobile and desktop versions, animate graphics and implement a content management system. We also check the site on different devices for compliance with the layout.

  6. Launch & Support

    Before launching we check the site on our test server, fix mistakes and optimize the code. Most clients stay with us after the launch. We support their sites, analyze metrics of Google Analytics, and give advice on product development.

For us it’s important to enjoy the creative process and the result. That’s why we offer only those solutions that will help our clients to enforce their positions on the market.

If you need a site or a logo, tell us about your project

To get started, we need to get to know each other and understand the task. So, tell us a little about your project, let us know how to get in touch, and we’ll contact you.

We collect personal data: your name, email, and phone number. We need this information only to contact you. If you want to revoke your personal data, send us an email to mailbox@lepekhin.art

People & Studio

The permanent studio team has three people: art director, designer, and manager. Our programmer works remotely. For large projects we partner up with other companies or specialists: editors, translators, illustrators and marketers.

Studio is a center of attraction for young designers, editors, developers and managers who know how to work well, value their skills and impact, and don’t want to do a useless work.

We see perspectives for design in Russia and a huge number of niches, where no one tried to find an aesthetic and functional solution. In the studio we welcome people who share our values and believe that design is not everything, it’s a starting point.

If you’d like to work with us, send us an email to mailbox@lepekhin.art with “Work at the studio” subject.